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Podcast: Just a Taste – Suzy Badaracco Part 1

Suzy Badaracco, a toxicologist, certified chef, and registered dietitian, specializes in forecasting and monitoring trends in the food industry. Using quantitative data from a broad range of sources, Suzy and her team are able to help brands make informed decisions on such topics as what new items to put on their menus, which age groups to target in their marketing, and when it’s time to end investment in a specific trend. In this first part of our conversation with Suzy, we learn how still-relevant food trends like street food and soul food were born. We also discuss some food trends that have no end in sight.

  • Process

    We don’t take our role of defining America's best-tasting foods lightly. Learn more about the detailed agenda our panel follows during a tasting. Explore a step-by-step guide of our proprietary judging process.

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  • Chefs

    Our team of judges is the secret ingredient in our proprietary process. Check out the rigorous training each member of our panel undergoes and get to know a few of our executive-level chef judges.

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  • Case Studies

    Our ChefsBest Award winners promote their accolades in a number of ways to shoppers and grocers. Find out how recipients share the news in store and through efforts like POP, FSIs and direct mail.

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